Pastor Jim Sanderbeck

Jan. 23, 2021

I’ll start this blog with 2 very distinct statements so that there can be no misunderstanding.

  1. This is not a time to become weary in well-doing. God has changed and leveled the landscape (my personal prophetic word of 3/28/20) and is casting off ropes of security (personal prophetic word during AIM intercessory prayer 1/4/21) that are attached to things of natural dependence (I.e. the sense-realm, social expectations, a man or woman, governmental ideologies, etc.).
  2. We must stand strong because the Word of the Lord has said that He is preparing a table of justice and righteousness in the presence of our enemies. (personal prophetic word during AIM intercessory prayer 1/4/21).  He has anointed our head, overflowed our cups, and goodness and mercy will accompany us all the days of our lives. (Ps. 23:5-6)

After a long hard effort in any assignment, the natural tendency is to pull back and covet a time of rest.  If victory seems doomed, fear, disappointment, and discouragement will slip in.  At those times, the natural man looks for a place of security and safety where he can lay his head.  But, for the spiritual man, I say to you that the effort necessary to TRIUMPH is not over!  The Ekklesia does not come to choose sides or to be satisfied with a lesser or limited outcome.  God gets no glory in that.  The Ekklesia comes to stand, endure and produce an overcoming victory.  It takes a team effort of the sold-out believer, the angels, and the Holy Spirit all working together in symphonic agreement.  In the natural, it may even look like the adversary has won. But God!.  Do not place your eyes on the natural.  Remember Elisha’s servant’s eyes were opened to the unseen host arrayed against the adversary. (2 Kings 6:15-17)  We are at such a time as that.  It’s ok; God’s got this, and He’s got us.  Just see with spiritual eyes and hear with spiritual ears.

Lana Vawser is a prophetic voice out of Australia that I have come to trust.  I believe she is a prophetess to the nations.  She, and many others, have aligned with the Ekklesia in the US prayerfully and prophetically.  In a recent prophetic declaration, she endorses my thoughts as she basically says “let this thing play out.  God is releasing creative assignments now to tell us what we are to do.”  I believe this to be true because during this post-election time, there are things we, as apostolic Kingdom leaders, need to be doing that encourage all to stand firm.  We dare not draw back and just take a break.  What are YOU supposed to be doing in this particular hour to stand, sustain and advance?

I encourage you again with the 5 P’s: 1.) Participate, 2.) Pray, 3.) Prepare, 4.) Position, and 5. Provide.  Lana urges us to tap into the creativity of God.  He is about to equip us if we will listen and obey His directives and not cave in to the disinformation or confusion that comes through various extreme voices—sometimes Christian.  Remember: Stay encouraged in the Lord and DON’T QUIT!!!  Draw strength from Him by faith.  We just haven’t seen the manifestation of triumph yet.  It’s coming!  Here are some quoted excerpts from Lana’s prophetic word.

“I Heard the Voice of the Lord Thunder: Restored’!”

Lana Vawser, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Restoration of Dreams in the Night Hours

He [God] is coming with a clear word from His heart that will not only bring HEALING to their [Believers] hearts AS they sleep, but also a greater discernment will burst forth within them to recognize that which was from their soul and that which was being revealed and spoken by the Holy Spirit.

I hear the Holy Spirit say, “THERE WILL BE REST IN THE RESET.”

Creativity in Assignments Will Erupt!

The Holy Spirit continued to whisper:

“As this restoration of JOY in Me and their assignments takes place, I am bringing them into a new realm of CREATIVE DOWNLOADS in their assignments. Creativity will begin to explode as I show them the new ways of building with Me. The new ways of partnering with Me creatively in their assignments, in this new era, will ERUPT from My heart into their lives.

“I am going to completely revamp things with My creativity in their assignments right now, and for this new era. The CREATIVE DOWNLOADS that they will receive from encountering Me and My heart are going to restore such JOY in their assignments. I am releasing creative strategies to them on such a deep level that many will look and say, ‘WOW, that is so fresh; it’s so NEW. I have NEVER seen that before.’

“The anointing will be so thick and so heavy—so fresh—that it will be VERY clear that it has been birthed out of My heart and the throne room of Heaven. Implementing in obedience the creative strategies and downloads that I will release will not only see the power of My Spirit move to impact and change lives on a scale that has never been seen, but it will draw in the harvest in such unprecedented ways; salvation will EXPLODE all around.

“My people, as My creative strategies are released from My heart; take them and run with them in the ways that I lead you. The ‘never been done before’ creative strategies will require bold faith and courage, but do not be afraid, for where I guide, I provide, and My favor will explode upon your obedience.

“Listen not to the ‘naysayers’; follow My voice and direction and you will see the most incredible demonstrations of My creative power within your assignments and through your assignments in this hour. Oh the joy that is set before you in partnering with Me in the new things I have for you! You are about to see what a creative God I really am.”