Whom Will You Serve This Day?

If you take the time to truly listen to the mature prophetic voices being voiced in this hour, you will hear the voice of God’s Spirit saying one thing–“He is not finished.” “There will be righteousness and justice return to the US (and all the nations) and it will be accompanied by a great awakening in the hearts of all of those who respond to Him.” I encourage you all to stay in faith, participate, pray, prepare, position, and provide. AIM’s Judy Bauman recently posted these thoughts on Jan. 15. I appreciate her comments and her research that helps us understand that God’s ways and timings are not ours. And, His goal is our hearts for Him and righteousness and justice. In what we are viewing today, could their be any closer parallel?


This question recently came up in my spirit, and it is a question we all must each ask ourselves and give an answer to the Lord God Almighty.
In the Book of Esther, we read that Haman was filled with a burning hatred for Mordecai the Jew because he refused to bow to Haman. In his jealousy and anger, Haman wrote a decree by the king’s authority to annihilate ALL the Jews in the entire 127 provinces from India to Ethiopia, but that wasn’t enough for this bloodthirsty man. He built a gallows 50 cubits high to hang him! (A cubit is anywhere from 18″ to 22″ so the gallows were about 75-90 feet high!)
In Esther, we learn much about this wickedness that (continually) seeks to destroy God’s people. Just look at Iran’s ongoing threats to “wipe Israel off the map.”
(Spoiler Alert!) After Haman’s plot is exposed to King Ahasuerus, Haman is hung on his own gallows and the king puts Mordecai in command! (Whoo-hoo! Go God!!! Talk about a quick turn around!)
Later in the story, we learn Haman’s 10 sons were also hung on his obscenely tall gallows.
I’m not sure what it will take for those claiming to be of Christ to SEE how completely irrational the hatred for Donald Trump has been. This wicked, blind vindictiveness operates with a mindset fixed on destroying him. But, beloved, the real goal is to destroy GOD’S PEOPLE. The real goal is to destroy you! It doesn’t matter if you like Trump or not, it is actually Christianity that is under attack! (Read the story and see how impetuous King Ahasuerus could be!) Wake up!
In the end, God used the king’s leadership to save the Jews. Purim is still celebrated today for what Queen Esther did to save her people. She risked her own life. (Purim is celebrated so we REMEMBER Esther and is Feb 26 this year.)
For me, learning witches worldwide were coordinating efforts to curse President Trump monthly from the beginning of his administration until he was removed, was enough for me to recognize he was a serious threat to wickedness in high places. Obviously, the devil was and continues stirring fear, jealousy, anger, and irrational hatred for him. If you haven’t asked yourself why, you need to.
Witches are territorial and usually work against other covens to gain power, not work in unity with them. Even within covens there are serious rivalries for high positions. HELLO! What is it going to take to see Christianity is more divided than those in the occult? Dear God, help us!
If you have ignored or joined the blind hatred coming from globalists, then you need to shake off the slumber and start investing in oil for your lampstand because your light is about to come great darkness! If you’ve joined the hatred, then I pray you keep reading this and recognize what spirit has manipulated your thinking. Repentance is all God requires.
The Father is separating the wise from the unwise, the sheep from the goats, the wheat from the tares. He is doing this NOW.
Whom will you serve? Do you stand strong in the strength of the Lord, or have you joined yourself to the accusations of the godless? There is still time to ask God’s forgiveness and set your face like flint to follow Jesus, but don’t delay! Submit to God and His ways first, then you can resist the devil and he will have to flee. If you aren’t submitted to the plans and purposes of God, there is no way for you to resist the devil. So please, hear my heart this morning and return to your First Love.

Judy Bauman