Pastor Jim Sanderbeck
I am in this article doing something in a directed leadership context that I have not done before as it pertains to the AIM network, but I believe that I must provide all in the network and our family of friends an opportunity to participate in a God Assignment. It is up to you as to how you might respond–not before me, but before Him who has called us all. I believe it is a network assignment for AIM and perhaps those of other networks to join into a very timely matter. Please receive it as I give it. It is given in all humility before God. Truly, these are new times with nothing for us to trust for direction but God’s Word and the compass of the Holy Spirit. If you want to distribute this article to others in your circle of influence, please feel free to do so.
I speak prophetically now: God is saying to me “that there is a quickening by the Spirit of God right now that if we will participate and pray through Nov. 3rd, with a 3-day fast on Oct. 31, and Nov. 1&2, three curses over the USA will be broken. 3 National curses:
  • 1) a well-documented witches curse over President Trump for his discredit and the destruction of his full calling for this nation,
  • 2) a curse of racism and widespread prejudices that has opened the door to the evil one and held back the purposes of God for this nation,
  • 3) the curse of abortion that has led to violence and the shedding of innocent blood in this nation.”
To assist you and encourage your spirit relative to this assignment, I MUST DIRECT YOU TO 2 VIDEOS!!!! The first is Day 29 of the Hinge of History Fast sponsored by Lou Engle and which my wife and I have embraced. The second is a video from a conference in 2017 on the same subject as the first video. Together, they will require your attention for 50 minutes. Make sure you watch the videos in their entirety–especially for the prayer and the prophetic confirmation that is given in the 2nd video. I believe they combine to release a spirit (referred to as the spirit of Esther) in this hour that will change this nation. Ladies, Women of God, especially need to watch and listen to these videos. It centers on the “spirit of Esther” and the key role women play in this assignment. Men, you will want to become the Mordecai’s of this hour!
If after your prayerful review, you are moved to participate with the AIM network in this effort by praying and then the 3 day fast, which is what I believe is an assignment from God, to be part of a global network to bring about God’s purposes for our nation, just let me know so I can communicate further should God so direct.