Be the Storm or Face the Storm

As we enter the month of September with the most important election in the history of our nation and under the veil of fear, hatred, disease and social unrest, I am posting a positive but challenging prophetic word from Pastor/Prophet Johnny Enlow.  It is time church:  time for unity, intercession and visible action to the world around us.  Thank You Lord for your presence and willingness to include us as your ambassadors on this planet.


As we enter into the key month of September we have a choice before us. Here is what I heard the Spirit of Lord say today:

“Be the storm or Face the storm. You choose. For surely the enemy has many plans and supposed surprises for September. However, my children, I am inviting you to be the big surprise and the big storm of September. I am saying mobilize, move, march, meet, mix, meld and maximize. Maximize who I am in you. Weaponize who I am in you. Maximize by coming together in every way possible. Weaponize who I am by allowing me to stir up radical love in you. I will be looking at you and following your lead. I will go where you go. I will move where you move. I will target what you target. I will expose what you expose. We are doing this together. We are taking back your cities, your states and your nations. We are saying ENOUGH! to death, destruction, deception and darkness. We are not passively waiting to see what awful and cowardly thing the enemy will next do. ENOUGH!

You will do your part and I will do my part. I am teaching you how to be Deliverers. I am training you how to become Reformers. I am lifting you up to higher places and you must learn to remain and operate at that level. No more hunkering down. No more fear. No more dread. No more waiting for the other shoe to hit. No more passivity. No more pretend meekness. No more patronizing darkness. No more tap dancing with evil in government and calling it honor. No more. No more. ENOUGH!

You will now rise. You will now be the storm of all storms against the enemy. You will be active with your prayer life. You will be active with your praise life. You will be active with your engagement of society. You will not be quiet. You will not be silent. You will not remain muted. You will not be meek in this battle but you will be mighty. When Goliath is breathing down your neck is not the time to promote restraint. When Jezebel is on the prowl is not the time to embrace mildness. They operate together through your media today. Somebody blow a trumpet! Sound an alarm on My holy mountain. This is an enemy you must behead. This is a foe you must rise with courage against. I will stun him with your little stone but you will then use his very own weapon and behead him. How you say? Well, I say to you use your mouth, use your media, use your worship, use your praise, use your prophetic decrees, use your shofars, use your songs, use your tongues. Goliath’s sword was his mouth. Use it back on him. Break, once and for all, the lie of powerlessness. Greater am I in you than what you can imagine. No more hiding and waiting. ENOUGH!

Yes, the battle is mine, but I act when you show up on the battlefield. I respond to your courage to be there. I am teaching you that when you move on earth it moves heaven. Show up everywhere you want me to show up- and I will. We can set the agenda of the next three months and keep the enemy in continual flight. We can snuff out the big blows. Believe it or not we are closer to massive breakthrough than you can imagine. The angels I am now sending are mop-up angels. Their wings carry thunder and lightning and they are great golden angels— but it is mop-up time. The big enemies have already been dealt with. I have already moved heaven and earth on your behalf. Yes, it is all about the children and it is all about the nations. I am rescuing both, but move with Me. I am removing long standing deep darkness. I am securing the advent of a new day. I am releasing you into a new era. You will hold the ground we are now taking and you will launch forward from this new place. Today rise up and be moved deeply. Let Me through you, be the storm of all storms released on the enemy. He has it coming to him.”

Johnny Enlow