Vision and Prophetic Word to Pastor Jim Sanderbeck on June 30, 2024 @ 7:15 AM


As I awakened, I immediately had this vision.  I was standing beside a large locomotive steam engine and as I looked out in front of me there was one set of train tracks extending to the horizon.  I was not on the train but standing beside it.  I could feel the train’s power.

I asked the Lord “what am I seeing?”  The Lord said “this train is carrying all of the evil doers and evil acts that have been purposed to change this nation from its foundational intents and purpose.  I have gathered them all together.”  Then I asked the Lord what are these tracks that I see?  Where do they go?”  The Lord responded “These tracks guide this train and they go for 150 miles.  When the train has traveled 10 miles, I will provide you a sign that will confirm this vision that I am showing you.”

I asked the Lord “what is meant by this?”  The Lord responded “The miles are the number of days in this vision.  On the tenth day, I will give a sign that will confirm that this is a true vision.  When the train reaches 150 miles, it and all that is on it will be destroyed.”  [I had the distinct impression that those on the train who would repent of the evil they had done and sincerely accept Jesus as their Savior before it reached the end of the tracks, they would be removed from the train.  I was also impressed that those who saw and understood this vision and accepted Jesus as it passed by would be awakened and saved.]  Immediately then, the train moved forward very quickly like a video on fast forward, and as it reached the horizon, I saw a great explosion of fire and smoke and the vision ended.


I believe God is speaking to His Ekklesia to alert us that His plan for restoration and transformation is now being made known.  I believe that in 10 days (somewhere in the 2nd week of July 2024) there will be a sign come forth that will confirm the validity of this vision so that the Ekklesia will know what is underway in the Spirit of God.  I believe in 150 days (somewhere in the 3rd or 4th week of November 2024) evil acts within the USA and evil doers who have perpetrated them will be fully exposed and removed.  [ I don’t know how.  That is up to God to deliver judgement and justice.  But what has been going on that is evil is going to be removed or destroyed.]  I believe that there will be miracles and deliverances along the way that will bring an alert to those who are cold and lukewarm to the things of God.  Opportunities to minister salvation and baptism in the Holy Spirit will be many.  I believe the next 150 days will be a call to repentance, righteousness and purity towards and for God.  Because of these recognized alerts, I believe we will see the next great awakening begin to take place with thousands being saved in this nation.  It is my counsel by the Holy Spirit to quickly come to attention, get prepared, and be obedient to all of Holy Spirit’s directions.

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