Expose – Emerge – Awaken – Reform in 2023

Pastor Jim Sanderbeck

January 12, 2023

In 2022, the Lord told me to pray on, through and for the words of exposure, accountability, and justice.  I believe we should continue in that prayer in 2023.  There has been some breakthrough in all three of those arenas but not nearly to full manifestation.  Now however, the Lord is showing me that in 2023 there has been a turning of the page.  I believe very strongly apostolically and prophetically that He is showing me that in 2023 the “church” and the ”world” systems are being taken by the Spirit of God to a higher level of intense experiences.  This is going to be seen and experienced in the earth realm, mankind, cultures, and all social spheres of influence (7 mountains).  Nothing will escape what God has planned for 2023.  The spirit of what God is saying in this prophesy is not an end but a beginning.  What we are about to experience will continue the process of the Kingdom coming on the earth.

The Lord says, “I AM going to expose to new levels unrighteous conditions and behaviors that have purposefully been meant for evil in my creation.  Things that have been meant to dethrone me and my plans and my purposes will be exposed.  False gods will be exposed.  Evil plans will be exposed.  Perpetrators of evil will be exposed at levels that were not even known to have existed.”  “At the same time”, says God, “I will expose righteousness to the world at a level which has never been seen since the generation of My Son.  My Ekklesia will be exposed to the world through many avenues including signs, wonders and miracles.  Children will be used mightily in this righteous exposure.  The Ekklesia will become a force instead of a fortress.  It will be an exposure of My love and goodness that will expand My family to unprecedented numbers and Kingdom accomplishments.”

The Lord says, “in 2023 the Kingdom of God will emerge as a bride emerges at the head of the aisle.  My Holy Spirit will be her escort.  This bride of mine will glow with My radiance.  The light of the Gospel will shine through her and unite those called by my name like no time in previous history.  This emergence will pull down walls of denominationalism.  The traditions and doctrines of men will begin to fall.  My Son’s prayer of unity in John 17 will be answered.  My people will become one with me and those who resist the change will fall away in power and influence.  The Kingdom will emerge on earth as it is in heaven.  Regional relationships will form and those regions will link arms in unity all across this nation and then spread north into Canada and south into Mexico and beyond.  The world will be caught up in wonderment.  Man’s governments will try to legislate against this Bride of mine but it will not be able to stop this emerging for this will happen in the Spirit and the natural will touch it not.  Even communication will flow by My Spirit and quickly all of the Ekklesia will know of strategies, events and all manner of My agenda for them.  My Bride will emerge and heaven will prevail”, says the Lord.

The Lord says, “in 2023, I will awaken an unseen giant.  The stronghold of slumber has been broken and the chains of complacency and lethargy are fallen away.  I will use My apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists and pastors to speak to dry bones.  A full cup will run over and anointing oil will flow from the candlestick of My presence.  By My Spirit I will walk the earth and shake my Bride.  What has started as a few will quickly grow.  This awakening will be as when one awakens on a cool morning after a restful sleep—filled with energy and anticipation.  As this awakening spreads, I will literally fill arenas that were once meant for man’s pleasures.  Men built their towers to climb to the heavens, but have I not said ‘while to the sinner He has given the task of gathering and collecting so that he may give to one who is good in God’s sight.”  This unseen giant is my Ekklesia.  They will awaken out of the smoldering and unfruitful ruins of perversion and evil.  They will bring hope to the lost and refreshing to those who are exhausted.  Awaken and find true life”, says the Lord!

And the Lord says, “in 2023, I the Lord, through my chosen ones, will begin a work to reform.  I will not only restore the righteousness the worm has devoured, but I will reform governments, social mores, institutions and what has become ungodly relationships.”  “Yeah,” says the Lord, “scales will be removed from the eyes of perversion as exposure, emergence and awakening come to the forefront in this season.  I will reform every earthly sphere by bringing clarity of Kingdom life.  That which was learned from man’s attempt to satisfy his needs himself will be reformed to heaven’s perfect design.  Babylon will give way to Eden,” says the Lord.  The Lord says, “Reformation is a journey.  Even the Ekklesia will need to learn patience in reformation.  There is much that goes into maturity and it’s end is in Me.  Reformation is a marathon not a sprint.  And in 2023, the journey to reform begins.”