Antioch International Ministries is theocratically led by an awesome team of mature and long-term ministry and community leaders. Following the lead of the “set person” of God who assumes the role of President in the network, the Apostolic Council works together to hold up the arms and carry out the functions of the network. Currently fulfilling the leadership responsibility of AIM and serving as the set person and President of the network is Pastor Jim Sanderbeck, a Brother-in-Law and spiritual son of Apostle Erb. He has served pastorally in 4 churches, served as a teacher, an educational and social service administrator, athletic coach and is the co-founder of Rock Solid Administrative Services. He has consulted administratively for over 30 years in both marketplace and ministerial capacities and lives to lift and serve.

Other members of the Apostolic Council are Jan Erb (Apostle Erb’s wife). Jan is a true “Mother-in-Israel, a friend, and an incredible servant to all.  Jan serves now as a lifetime emeritus Apostolic Council member providing us with prayer support and wisdom as the Council addresses the network’s assignments.

Esther Sanderbeck (Apostle Erb’s sister, Pastor Sanderbeck’s wife and co-Founder at RSAS). She is gifted as an administrator, counselor, and servant and has been her husband’s partner in every assignment in their lives together.

Judy Bauman comes to the Apostolic Council with many ministry experiences as a missionary, author, small group leader, teacher and speaker.  She is an amazing prayer intercessor and displays wise prophetic gifting.


A vital part of this servant team, Gary and Sue Anthony. A spiritual son and daughter of Apostle Erb since the late 1970’s, they are mature and true servants that carry an anointed prophetic mantle and are prayer intercessors of incredible faithfulness.


Rounding out the Apostolic Council is Tim and Vicki DeTal.  The DeTals are the founders of Red Door Ministries, a community coffee house ministry open to anyone in the region looking for a spiritual place to express themselves and build relationships with others.  Their many years of pastoral service and their presence brings balance and wisdom to the Apostolic Council.

This team now passionately and excitedly leads AIM into the Kingdom Age of the church—which Apostle Erb prophesied would “no longer be seen as a fortress but rather a force in the world.”